What Our Ambassadors Are Saying

We all remember with admiration and affection those individuals who inspired us in childhood - the teacher, the babysitter, the doctor, the political leader, the athlete, the family member or friend. We also remember those who gave us a less edifying example to follow and perhaps too often we did just that. Now we live in unsettling times and in less embracing communities and it is crucial that our children and grandchildren can see and hear the positive role models through the mist of modern living. This initiative is the answer to that need and I am really pleased to endorse it.

—  John Bowis O.B.E,
former UK health minister, former MP and MEP

From birth to becoming a parent and beyond, our road is filled with hard choices and difficult obstacles. People who have travelled on this road before us can offer valuable guidance and support. This project enables such guidance, and has the potential to help children find their way on the path of life.

—  Baroness Cumberlege,

Children are our future, and we owe it to them to ensure they are given every chance to grow-up into healthy, wholesome and happy adults. By connecting children with positive role models, the To the Children of Europe initiative strives to offer them aspirational examples that will inspire the next generation of leaders and thinkers. This exciting project has the potential to have an important and lasting influence on the future of society.

—  Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham,
Paul Hamlyn Chair of Surgery at Imperial College London

Advancing technologies solve problems but also present challenges; a sound understanding of ethics and values will ensure we safeguard our planet and everyone shares the benefit of improved innovations.

—  Julie Fyles PhD,
Chartered Patent Attorney (CPA) and European Patent Attorney (EPA)

The 21st century is and will be marked by unprecedented disruption in ecosystems, society and technology. Europe needs to shape and embrace its future with optimism, founded on the best of human values. Young people deserve all the help they can get in preparing for this world. That is why I love the vision and the approach of this inspired project.

—  Robert Madelin,
Senior Adviser at European Commission for Innovation in the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC)

Ethics underpins the entire moral fabric of society and is even more important in an age when social media is changing that moral fabric. Teaching it to growing minds makes this a fundamental tenet of society's thinking and needs to be promoted globally. From an industry perspective much of the failings of companies has resulted from a loss of sound ethical values and this is an opportunity to change that thinking in future leaders.

—  Professor Steven Myint,
Founding Partner of Innovatum and Ukko Partners, Chairman of Plexpress Oy and Inc

Aspiring to have the qualities of someone you admire provides a North star to help keep you on the path of confidence, contentment and integrity.

—  Professor Alan Palmer,
Board director of Cerebroscience, MS Therapeutics, One Nucleus, Cerestim, the British Neuroscience Association and Dementia Care Nurses

I can only encourage you, because what we need is a kind of counterattack to rising individualism and a very superficial world. We have to develop all the positive virtues and qualities of each of us and I think it is the main objective of education in schools and in families, and even elsewhere. So I can only encourage you, because I feel that we share this same goal.

—  Herman Van Rompuy,
former Prime Minister of Belgium and former President of the European Council

Children need role models if the next generation are to grow up with the right values and principles. Their little brains are sponges, taking in all that they are surrounded by. A violent home life, likely will breed a violent child that knows no other way to survive in this world of cruelty, turmoil and uncertainty. I am grateful to have been one of the lucky ones who was surrounded by a loving family, and remember well those who I held in high esteem during childhood; I was always reminded to learn from their example. Children are our future. This inspirational project will give all children an opportunity to grow up as useful, decent, empowered human beings. I heartily endorse it.

—  Lyn Rothman,
Hon Fellow UCL

I support this project because children need an education which will help them learn the difference between right and wrong; learn to become caring and responsible parents and spouses; learn to become good employees; learn to become law-abiding and responsible members of their communities; and learn how to take responsibility for their lives. Only such an education can lead to wellbeing and happiness in life.

—  Professor Sir Anthony Seldon,
FRSA FRHistS FKC, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham