Urige Buta is a Norwegian marathon runner hailing from Ethiopia. In 2003, he fled his home country after his father was arrested for political reasons. He eventually managed to make his way to Norway with no ID and no passport.

At first, Urige was confined to a refugee camp, but after seeing him run and recognising his potential, Norway's athletic federation enlisted a local club to sponsor and arrange better accommodations for him. Within two years, Urige was the country's best long distance runner, winning the national 10,000 metre title in 2005, but due to his refugee status, he was unable to compete outside Norway. Furthermore, his full-time employment as a janitor left him little time to train and improve. He spent his days tidying up the local high school and divided the few hours of his free time between training and spending time with his wife and young son. In addition, the long and harsh and snowy Norwegian winters offered limited opportunities for outdoor training, so Urige would spend the winter months running up and down a mile-long service tunnel built for sewage pipes while he waited for the snow to melt.

Despite these setbacks, Urige never gave up on his dream of competing in the Olympics. He finally managed to acquire full Norwegian citizenship in 2011 and qualified for the marathon competition in London 2012. He was given paid leave to focus on training, and he went on to represent his new country in the Olympic race. He finished in 36th place in a field of over 100, many of which professional athletes.

Despite not having optimal training conditions, Urige does not complain. After his tribulations as a refugee, he is just happy to be alive and safe, and he is grateful to Norway for giving him a chance and enabling him a decent life.