Dylan Muscat attends the St Thomas More College Boys' Secondary School in Ħamrun, Malta, and is the best friend of schoolmate Kyle Agius, who has communication difficulties.

Dylan befriended Kyle in primary school, where the latter was hardly spoken to due to his condition. The two soon became inseparable, walking to and from school every day, spending school breaks together, with Dylan assisting Kyle in any way he could. He helped Kyle join his group of friends, making him grow in confidence and happiness.

When Dylan was accepted into a church secondary school, it became clear that would mean he would become separated from Kyle. When he realised this, he refused the move and chose to stay with Kyle instead, and convinced his parents to support his decision.

For this sacrifice, Dylan was awarded the Pope John XXIII Award in the President's Palace in Valletta in an event attended by Malta's President, Prime Minister and Education Minister. The award is given to children who show kindness and generosity to less fortunate people in need of help.

At the ceremony, Dylan's mother said: 'We have always tried our best to raise our son with strong values. May he remain the kind person he is, helping others from the heart without expecting anything back.'